Spring/Summer 2021

issue # 139

Sound notes

Ashley Au Is Stretching Out


Most music fans in Winnipeg have seen plenty of Ashley Au playing bass in recent years in a wide range of idioms—Americana, hip-hop, jazz, and sludge metal. Pausing to tally current [...]

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Scrap Arts Music: Dr. Seuss meets steampunk


Scrap Arts Music is a joyous collision of creativity, experimental sound, and energetic movement, with percussion pieces performed on reborn hunks of junk. It’s challenging to describe [...]

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Sounds of an Unfolding Emergency


“we have no power or wifi/internet”                        [...]

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Silent Season: Intrinsically Connected to Nature

While living in Union Bay in 2007, Jamie McCue spent his downtime hiking, camping, and fishing in Vancouver Island’s abundant forests and rivers. Deeply moved by the symphonic rhythms of [...]

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David Psutka Augments Creative Spaces


In 2019, David Psutka was approached by Karen Vanderborght to compose the soundtrack for her augmented reality documentary Grey Matter AR, which she had started developing a few years earlier [...]

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James Goddard Makes Brave New Spaces


“Recorded music these days is like an inversion of the old-time medicine show—you know, those people who would go from town to town and put on this big carnival performance to [...]

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What's Inside Musicworks 139?



ON THE COVER: Evensong (2018) by Lou Sheppard, who recently made the 2021 long list for the prestigious Sobey Art Award. Congratulations Lou!

This issue contains a[...]

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Cold Wave

Circumpolar artists Matthew Burtner, Paul Walde, Jana Winderen, and Terje Isungset bear sonic witness to Arctic warming.

A sad-looking polar bear drifts on a shrinking ice sheet in a vast, deep-blue sea under a bright, blue sky. Scenes like this have long been used to illustrate[...]

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Shifting the Narrative

Tanya Kalmanovitch's Tar Sands Songbook and the podcast Future Ecologies use music and storytelling to create safe spaces for urgent environmental discourse.

The time for postponing discussions of environmental issues is over. This is the main thrust of two music-and-sound-powered documentary projects, both of which aim to encourage[...]

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Listening Conditions

In separate interviews, Raven Chacon and Lou Sheppard talk about their unique artistic practices and what it means to listen during urgent times.

We tend to think of an emergency as something sudden—the kind of jarring, life-and-death situation that leaps out at us with abrupt urgency. And when we think about what an[...]

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Désolee. Enter Here.

Craft Singles (cassette)

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Wormwood. My Two Minds Become Air.

Time Release Sound (TRS093)

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The Underflow. Instant Opaque Evening.

Drag City

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Scott Thomson. Pal o’Alto.

Ambiances Magnétiques (AM 261)

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Walter Smetak. Smetak & Interregno.

Buh Records

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claire rousay. A Softer Focus.

American Dreams Records

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Ocelot. Ocelot.

577 Records (5859)

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Naoto Kawate. Three Guitar Tunes.


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Insides. Soft Bonds.

Further Distractions (FD01)

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor. G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

Constellation (CST156)

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Dániel Péter Biró. Mishpatim (Laws).

NEOS (NEOS 11919-20)

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Endlings. Human Form.

Whited Sepulchre.

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Joseph Shabason. The Fellowship.

Telephone Explosion.

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Lara Solnicki. The One and The Other.

Outside in Music, OiM 2113.

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Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. Theory of Ice.

You’ve Changed Records, YC-048.

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Future Perfect. Drone On.

Kapha Selections, KS05.

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Taylor Brook / TAK Ensemble. Star Maker Fragments.

TAK Editions, TAKe003.

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Colin Fisher. Reflections of the Invisible World.

Halocline Trance, HTRA017.

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Meredith Bates. If Not Now.


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