Value Statement

Musicworks is committed to being an actively anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization which uses its position of power to instigate positive change both internally and throughout the communities we serve.


The goals of this board recruitment policy are:

  • to remove systemic barriers to participation based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, or disability;

  • to prioritize the active recruitment of racialized and Indigenous candidates for open board positions;

  • to ensure that all staff and board members receive anti-oppression and allyship training to create an environment in which all board members can thrive equally;

  • to ensure that all board members have access to board training (eg. workshops) to allow them to progress into leadership roles within the organization;

  • to assemble a board of directors that will centre equity and anti-racism in their activities, and who will feel empowered and well-equipped to strongly advocate for positive change throughout the organization and community;

  • to ensure that board composition addresses the necessary skills, expertise, and community connections to allow the board to function effectively.


    • Recruitment of new board members will be done through publicly available and widely distributed job calls.

    • Job calls will include a statement indicating that it is an organizational priority to attract candidates who identify as female, non-binary, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, or other traditionally under-represented populations

    • Job calls will be specific about the role of board members and the expected time commitment and will only list qualifications that are specifically necessary to ensure full participation in the board

    • Job calls will specifically value experience or training in anti-oppression, allyship, and anti-racism

    • Job calls will make clear that this is a voluntary position, and that there is no expected minimum financial contribution to the organization as that this is not currently a patronage board model

    • In addition to being made publicly available, staff and board members will approach community leaders directly and take advantage of existing networks to invite applications from prospective candidates who match the current recruitment goals.

Read a message from the Musicworks Board of Directors, originally published in the Fall 2020 issue.


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