Position: Director on the Musicworks Board of Directors (Volunteer Position)

What We Do
Musicworks connects a global community of readers and listeners who want to discover innovative artists, practices, and ideas in music and sound art by interacting with magazine storytelling and outreach programming.
Musicworks is a non-profit organization that publishes a print magazine and companion CD three times a year. Founded in 1978, the magazine is valued by both longtime and new readers for its unique yet wide-reaching scope. Many Canadian artists and groups discussed in the magazine are supported by granting organizations, yet rarely receive in-depth media attention beyond local outlets. By commissioning accessible, literary writing by veteran and emerging professional writers who are informed and enthusiastic about their subjects, Musicworks brings fresh eyes and ears to the work of these artists. 
The Opportunity
Musicworks is seeking up to three (3) new directors to join our board. Musicworks’ board is comprised of up to 10 individuals and is a stewardship/governance board. As a member of the board, you will provide strategic support and financial oversight to Musicworks. You will act as advisor and ambassador, bringing your particular expertise and insight to the organization and representing Musicworks to your network and the wider community.
We can connect board members with opportunities to learn about arts non-profits and board governance.
We particularly welcome applications from individuals who have experience - or want to gain experience - in event planning and partnerships; equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) development and practices; and arts media. No previous board experience required. 
The Responsibilities
•         Attend all Board meetings, as well as attend, support and be informed about organization’s mission, services, policies and programs.
•         Keep current with the issues: review agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings.
•         Serve on committees, attending meetings as required and offer to take on special assignments.
•         Buy a subscription and, if possible, make a personal financial contribution to the organization and/or fundraise.
•         Assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization’s annual financial statements, mission, by-laws, mandate and strategic plan.
What We’re Looking For
•         Passionate, committed individuals with a strong interest in Canadian artistic practice of all kinds.
•         Individuals with the skills and desire to help Musicworks secure both artistic and financial stability and engage a new generation of readers, writers, and artists.
Time Requirement
4-10 hrs/month (depending on meetings and other activities) until the end of the committed term
Location of Board Meetings
Toronto, Ontario - we are currently holding hybrid meetings (in-person with video meeting link available)
To Apply
Please send a short statement indicate your interest in the (max. one page) and your resume to the Musicworks Board [email protected]. Please also contact Musicworks at 416 977- 3546 if you have any questions.
We are accepting applications until September 30, 2024.