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We Are All Connected

I have often stopped to listen to the trees during a walk in a forest on a breezy day. Only recently, however, did I realize that it is possible to stop and listen to the fungi.[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

'Greedy Music'

“In 1993, I was making word clouds because I wondered what my computer’s hard drive was thinking about during its idle time,” Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland said in a 2013 interview.[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

Who's Telling the Story

This is Musicworks’ final issue of 2018, our fortieth-anniversary year. You will find no best-of or top-ten lists here, no reprints or “where are they now” pieces. The[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

Getting Out More Often

In my five years as editor of Musicworks, I cannot recall a more action-packed time than the three-day whirlwind of stimulating events, conversations, and music I experienced last[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

The Journey: Editor's Note, Musicworks 130

In late 1977, somewhere in Toronto, the poet and noted arts programmer Victor Coleman, Music Gallery cofounders Peter Anson and Al Mattes, and music artists John Oswald and[...] Read more

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the art of crowdsourcing

I “Like,” “Love,” “Follow,” and otherwise engage with an array of working musicians and music people—from coast to coast and beyond—through my Musicworks and personal social-media[...] Read more

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My childhood memories of gongs in action are mostly associated with entertainment spectacles: snooze-interrupting crashes at symphony matinees, the bare-chested Gongman swinging a[...] Read more

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Hang Out With Musicworks This Spring

Musicworks is blooming with big ideas! Explore the personalities and collaborative dynamics behind an array of creative Canadian projects in our Spring 2017 print issue[...] Read more


the centre is wherever

Are you experienced? Even if you haven’t strapped on a virtual reality headset to interact with brave new computer-simulated worlds or to visit real-life remote locations (Mount Everest!) or to[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

How We Listen

In the summer of 2013, I was on the hunt for photos of Charlemagne Palestine and was put in touch with crys cole, the artistic director of Winnipeg’s Send + Receive festival. She[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

The Power of Voice: Musicworks Spring 2016

TWO YEARS AGO, TANYA TAGAQ LANDED ON THE COVER OF MUSICWORKS. Her unforgettable voice has been in my head, so to speak, ever since. Our Spring 2014 CD opened with “Tulugak,” a[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

Friendly Exchanges: Musicworks Fall 2015

The title of this post is borrowed from Toronto percussionist Germaine Liu. You’ll have to read Mary Dickie’s lovely story in the Fall 2015 issue to see how Germaine uses the[...] Read more

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