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True Confessions Of A Church-goer

That’s me in the spotlight . . . or, more accurately, that’s me in the third pew, left of centre aisle. In the photograph, I am the small mass of auburn hair lit up by the white glare of the big[...] Read more

Jennie Punter

In Praise Of Spectacle

It’s October, and that means that Torontonians have just survived another annual, all-night, bacchanalian, contemporary-art binge called Nuit Blanche. Once a year, on the last Saturday in[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Change Is Coming, You Can Hear It In The Streets

On a recent trip to Montreal I encountered one of the most exciting pieces of new music I had heard in a long time. The sound came quietly at first, a distant pointillistic, tinny gesture.[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

From Totalitarianism To Democracy: Wonderful Bad Taste Comes To Experimental Music

Good taste is totalitarian. The art critics, curators, and editors that create taste’s laws also enact those laws; their opinions influence what gets seen and read by the audience. Experimental[...] Read more...

Micheline Roi

Writer's Block, Coming To An Artist Near You

Writer’s block. Google it: 14,100,000 results; it’s popular. Not a problem solely for writers, it could aptly be named creator’s block. Anyone trying to render an idea out of nothingness knows[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Alt-Experimental, New Music's Fragmented Future

“There’s nothing wrong with pretty music.” Jonathan Bunce—author of this issue’s feature on Canada’s new pop adventurists—is talking with me about the twenty-one-year-old singer–songwriter known[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Craft, Fearlessness, And Imagination Meet Technology

We are sitting in a darkened theatre watching a global collective of musicians making new music. But there’s no one on stage. Instead, we are looking at and listening to an audiovisual projection[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Creating Truth To Power

Sound is territory. Birds know it, young men in boom cars know it, and the U.S. military’s Psychological Operations Company knows it. So when it was announced that the integrated security unit[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Turn On, Tune In, But Don’t Turn Down

Imagine you are walking down a crowded street, or say, sitting on public transit, or maybe even waiting in a public place for an appointment. Now close your eyes. What do you hear? Chances are,[...] Read more

Micheline Roi

Radio Is Dead! Long Live Radio!

I received my first radio at the age of ten. Battery-powered and small enough to be handheld, it had an antenna long enough to pick up signals in my southern Ontario bedroom from exotic downtown[...] Read more

Micheline Roi