Music from the New Wilderness What can sound tell us about a place? Listen to British Columbia, and it might sound something like Music from the New Wilderness, a multimedia performance work that conjures B.C.’s past and evolving present by incorporating historical and current field recordings into new compositions[...] Read more

In the Works Nancy Lanthier Issue 118

Roxanne Nesbitt's Soft Storms Welcomed and Jason Doell's Leaning Into Softness Two honourable mentions were given at Musicworks' 2020 Electronic Music Composition Contest: the first to Roxanne Nesbitt's Soft Storms Welcomed, and the second to Jason Doell's Leaning into Softness.   Roxanne Nesbitt is an[...] Read more

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DEBBY FRIDAY’S ENERGY POTENTIAL Across the first few minutes of Bare Bones, the short-film debut by Vancouver artist Debby Friday, a growing, skittering sound unsettles an otherwise pastoral scene. In the film, Friday, a splash of presence in a white tulle dress, kneels riverside amid a verdant landscape. This moment might[...] Read more

Featured Article Brennan McCracken Issue 138