Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain Jump into an early version of Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain, and you land in dark and turbulent, almost infernal terrain. Sounds are dense and blur into one another: trumpet amplified to distortion levels; prerecorded tape of unidentifiable noises; dense, rapid drumming of[...] Read more

Featured Article Stuart Broomer Issue 118

Richard Marsella “Good evening and welcome to the Friendly Rich Show. My name is Friendly Rich. Thank you. And I’ll be your loyal host this evening. Behind me, my mystery-meat orchestra, the Lollipop People. No need to clap, kids. Tonight’s show is full of the good stuff. We got dirty crank[...] Read more

Featured Article Matthew Pioro Issue 107

Lindsay Dobbin beckons the voices inside Lindsay Dobbin grew up on New Brunswick’s Kingston Peninsula on a plot of ancestral farmland worked by seven generations. Family history, for her, is a lived experience. “I believe that the landscape holds memories. You can see it in the old hay rake in the field, or even the way[...] Read more

Featured Article Andrew Patterson Issue 124