Jay Crocker Navigates the Music of Obstacles "THEY WERE EXPECTING TO HAVE A swinging kind of jazz party, but we were doing nothing of the sort that night.” Percussionist Chris Dadge is recalling a particularly memorable gig at the Beat Niq Jazz & Social Club—a trad jazz club in downtown Calgary—during[...] Read more

Featured Article Andrew Patterson Issue 122

Lindsay Dobbin beckons the voices inside Lindsay Dobbin grew up on New Brunswick’s Kingston Peninsula on a plot of ancestral farmland worked by seven generations. Family history, for her, is a lived experience. “I believe that the landscape holds memories. You can see it in the old hay rake in the field, or even the way[...] Read more

Featured Article Andrew Patterson Issue 124

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's Open-Heart Tunings         There’s a faint but persistent ringing coming from the southwest corner of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s Vancouver apartment. We discover one of her young twins picking purposefully at the keys of a brightly coloured toy piano. The[...] Read more

Sound Notes Alexander Varty Issue 124