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Phivos-Angelos Kollias' Nostophiliac AI Third place in the 2022 Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest was awarded to  Phivos-Angelos Kollias for video-music piece "Nostophiliac AI."   “We interact daily with algorithms that emulate human perception and collective[...] Read more

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João Pedro Oliveira's N'vi'ah João Pedro Oliveira won second place in the 2022 Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest.  Listen to and read about his award-winning composition!       "N'vi'ah is an Old Testament word meaning prophetess. A[...] Read more

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2023 Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest   For immediate release: Toronto, Canada, August 1, 2023 — The thirteenth annual Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest opens August 1, 2023. We invite you to share the news with your readers, audiences, and communities. [...] Read more

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SlowPitchSound and the Universe Between the Grooves When it comes to picking the defining factors of a musical practice, some artists view their work as a single, continuous process, homing in on a specific vision and returning to it repeatedly. Others are the opposite—traversing a multitude of styles and sounds as they launch[...] Read more

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HEAT UP YOUR SUMMER WITH SIZZLING SONICS! Check out the 2023 Musicworks Festival Preview Our annual guide to late Spring and Summer festivals and sonic events is a snapshot of musical adventures set to unfold in Canadian intersections, fields, and venues. Check out the 2023 Musicworks Festival Preview!   PAID ADVERTISEMENTS[...] Read more

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Resequencing Resonances PHOTOGRAPHS BY GREEN YANG   Resonances are ghosts. They accentuate unseen presences of sounding bodies as they amplify frequencies inherent in them. Noted Italian composer Luciano Berio explored the transfer of energy from one body to another in his Sequenza X (1984), which[...] Read more

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What's Inside Musicworks 144? Cozy up with the Winter 2022–23 issue and discover new pathways of sonic connectivity!   ON THE COVER: SLOWPITCHSOUND With roots in turntablism that extend into the likes of classical composition, sound design, and theatre, Toronto-based artist and musician[...] Read more

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Jessica Moss Explores the Orchestra Within If there is a through line connecting traditional Eastern European klezmer, indie rock, and experimental drone music, it can be found in the work of Jessica Moss. Whether her music is acoustic or electronic, post-rock or post-classical, a stark and dramatic amplified violin performance or a[...] Read more

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The Quasi-Punk-Rock Life of Du Yun Whether exploring a musical idea on her own or working with a new collaborator, Du Yun follows her intuition. The New York-based composer, performer, and curator—currently professor of composition at the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University and distinguished visiting[...] Read more

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Chloe Alexandra Thompson’s Meaningful Exchanges Chloe Alexandra Thompson has always thought of sound as something visceral. “I think, if I trace it back, my first sound installation happened when I discovered that the fabric in front of loudspeakers could move from the sound vibrations,” she tells me. “I just freaked out[...] Read more

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The Audacious Artistry of Ig Henneman The year is 1979, and Ig Henneman is ready to rock. In pink zebra-print pants and a black tank top, she strikes a power pose on the stage of Amsterdam’s Paradiso. Her gold-painted Barcus-Berry electric viola glows in the spotlight. She is playing a Rock Against Racism show, flanked by[...] Read more

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What's Inside Musicworks 143? Settle into an autumnal groove with our Fall 2022 issue and direct your curious ears toward new aesthetic coordinates. ORDER YOUR PHYSICAL COPY OF MUSICWORKS 143 FROM OUR SHOP. or SUPPORT MUSICWORKS, A REGISTERED NON-PROFIT, WITH AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.   ON[...] Read more

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