Spring 2020

issue # 136

Sound notes

music, interrupted


A barrage of media releases announcing the cancellation or postponement of concerts and festivals—in my hometown of Toronto, in music hubs across Canada and beyond—began hitting my [...]

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Backxwash—The Healing Music of Productive Rage

If you want to win over rapper and producer Backxwash (Ashanti Mutinta), start a conversation with her by talking about the outlier sounds of American rapper–producers Missy Elliot and [...]

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Alex Buck’s Screaming Trees

First-place winner, Musicworks 2019 Electronic Music Composition Contest

Convergence is often the magical force in the creative process that leads to an ear-catching work. Two or more seemingly disparate elements meet in the imagination of an artist who unites them [...]

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Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand Ignites the Rhythm of the People

Blackfoot Confederacy member Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand is the founder and executive artistic director of Indigenous Resilience in Music (IRIM), a collective that supports Indigenous musicians [...]

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What's Inside Musicworks 136?


The Spring 2020 issue is a one-stop, one-of-a-kind sonic journey. Most of the stories were assigned, written, and edited before the lockdown, due to the global COVID-19 health crisis, took hold.[...]

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Anthony Pateras: Sonic Phenomena in Real Time

The music of Anthony Pateras covers vast expanses of composition and improvisation, of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and combinations of these. He is also a virtuosic pianist. Between[...]

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The Audible Connections of Xuan Ye


On Xuan Ye’s website, layers of text, symbols, and images float across the home page like something halfway between poetry and code. The site is an ever-changing digital[...]

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