Winter 2021-2022

issue # 141

Sound notes

The Spatial Sonic Designs of Juro Kim Feliz

Genres can be compared to landscapes: they are places where people gawk like tourists, set up camp on Spotify playlists, and explore musical structures. Juro Kim Feliz sat down with me in [...]

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Jessica McMann Brings the Music Home


While some creative people have been struggling to fill their time over the course of the pandemic, Cree dancer and musician Jessica McMann, who is a member of Cowessess First Nation in [...]

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Beny Esguerra Unifies the Equation


The potential for music to unite people across divides—geographical, temporal, cultural, or philosophical—is a constant inspiration for Ruben “Beny” Esguerra. Through [...]

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Resonant Frequencies

Editor's Note from Musicworks 141

I first encountered Alanna Stuart on a mid-November evening in 2018. After an exhilarating trudge through the snow-muted streets of Toronto’s Stanley Park neighbourhood, I made what felt [...]

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What's Inside Musicworks 141?


The Winter 2021/22 issue explores the creative ideas of seven artists who are engaged in beautiful, daring musical acts of innovation, celebration, and resistance . . . artists that[...]

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New Age Doom Steps Forward


The day of my interview with the Vancouver experimental-metal duo New Age Doom began with the heart-sinking news that legendary dub artist Lee “Scratch” Perry had[...]

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Alanna Stuart Embraces the Bombast

dancehall perspectives

Multidimensional artist and music producer Alanna Stuart is constantly evolving. She regards categories not as borders but as things to be transcended. In her acclaimed duo[...]

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Roxanne Nesbitt’s Sonic Investigations


People often describe sound as something that reverberates outward into space, but the music of interdisciplinary artist Roxanne Nesbitt seems to move inward; it has an[...]

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Yves Charuest and The Existential Act of Improvisation

‘I was interested in feeling a true, authentic relation to the music I was spontaneously making’

In the fall of 2016, I attended Montreal rehearsals and concerts and Toronto recording sessions of Roscoe Mitchell and the Toronto-Montreal Art Orchestra for a[...]

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