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Nick Fraser, Kris Davis, Tony Malaby. Zoning. On half of Zoning’s six tracks, Toronto drummer Nick Fraser, Canadian-in-Brooklyn pianist Kris Davis, and New York saxophonist Tony Malaby are joined by German saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and Toronto-Berlin trumpeter Lina Allemano. This Toronto-recorded session is effective with both[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 135

Harris Eisenstadt. Old Growth Forest II; The Fictive Five. Anything is Possible. Creative and cooperative (or should we just say, Canadian?), Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based drummer Harris Eisenstadt has, for the past fifteen years, attracted attention as a sophisticated bandleader and band member. On his latest recording, the disciplined Old Growth Forest II, Eisenstadt[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 134

François Carrier / Michel Lambert / John Edwards. Elements. Montreal alto saxophonist François Carrier continues to expose his universalist free jazz as widely as possible, recording the extended tracks on Elements at concerts in London and Krakow. While the sonic flow appears almost unstoppable in intensity and inspiration, Carrier is no[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 133

Yuko Fujiyama. Night Wave. On this new recording, Japanese-born pianist Yuko Fujiyama has created fifteen musical colour fields in duo, trio, and quartet configurations alongside sympathetic American associates Jennifer Choi (violin), Susie Ibarra (drums and percussion), and Graham Haynes (cornet and flugelhorn).[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 131

Ken Vandermark and Michael Snow. Duol. Recorded in Toronto, this brief program of slashing, staccato improvisations by Toronto visual artist and pianist Michael Snow and visiting Chicago multireedist Ken Vandermark shows that a first-time meeting can engender fresh impetus. Vandermark, who has a university film degree, and Snow,[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 131

Togetherness! Togetherness! The Montreal-based band Togetherness! injects a shot of jubilant foot-patting rhythm into free-form improvisation. The band splashes a couple of trumpeter Ellwood Epps’ high-spirited compositions into the swirling pool of free-jazz, high-life, second-line, and brass-band creations that[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 130

Pauline Oliveros and Connie Crothers. Live At the Stone. The first, last, and only musical meeting between jazz improviser Connie Crothers (1941–2016) and electronic-music icon Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016) took place in August 2014. It is preserved in its entirety on this disc. Oliveros and Crothers were probably surprised by how many[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 129

George Lewis & Splitter Orchestra. Creative Construction Set™. American trombonist George Lewis’ three-part Creative Construction Set™ (CCS) for Berlin’s Splitter Orchestra (SO) is an organic recasting of ideas first advanced by the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians’ (ACCM) sextet the Creative Construction[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 129

Jamie Drouin & Hannes Lingens. Alluvium; The Holy Quintet. Borough. Far from his Victoria, B.C., home base, sound-artist–composer Jamie Drouin helps animate notable improvisational landscapes on these European-recorded sets. Two extended tracks on Borough find Drouin’s suitcase-sized modular synthesizer and radio put to good use in The Holy[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 129

Andrew Raffo Dewar / Andrea Centazzo / Anne LeBaron. Encantamientos. Residing in a soundworld created from aleatory, signal-processed, and improvised music, the seven tracks of Encantamiento are performed by musicians who move easily from one genre to another without fissure. Percussionist Andrea Centazzo is known for his jazz and soundtrack work, harpist[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 129

Gordon Grdina Quartet. Inroads. Moving away from the hushed nature of his earlier chamber music, Vancouver guitarist and oudist Gordon Grdina enlists a trio of New Yorkers to toughen his sound while maintaining its fluidity. The nine tracks on Inroads find keyboardist Russ Losing frequently elaborating themes in double[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman

2017 Guelph Jazz Festival Striding confidently towards its 2018 silver anniversary, the Guelph Jazz Festival was invigorated this year with choice concerts from U.S. and European artists—but nonetheless, two of the most notable performances were from Canadian bands.     Montreal trio[...] Read more

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