Griffin Martell

Alejandro Morse, Cian, and Eduardo Padilla. Einath. Translating the ephemeral and serendipitous qualities of live, improvised collaboration onto a recording is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. Those singular moments of intuitive interplay between performers are highly elusive and are sometimes diminished or entirely lost in the[...] Read more

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Wormwood. My Two Minds Become Air. For the better part of the past decade, the London, Ontario-based husband-and-wife duo Wormwood have been quietly cultivating an aura of mystique with their spellbinding electroacoustic compositions. On their latest record, My Two Minds Become Air, the pair diverge from the IDM and[...] Read more

Recordings Griffin Martell Issue 139

Future Perfect. Drone On. Montreal-based interdisciplinary artists Julia Dyck and Amanda Harvey join forces as Future Perfect on Drone On, a live recording that functions as a sonic treatise on ecoacoustics and the phenomenology of sound. The piece, originally performed by the duo in 2019 as part of a month-long[...] Read more

Recordings Griffin Martell Issue 139

Luciane Cardassi. Going North. There is a moment on “Wonder,” the third piece performed by Luciane Cardassi on her new album, Going North, when the Brazilian-Canadian pianist recites a particularly poignant verse: “The soul looks around, hoping to get a glimpse of its origin.” This extract from a[...] Read more

Recordings Griffin Martell Issue 138

Jordan Nobles. Chiaroscuro. When our ancient ancestors gazed up at the tiny dots of light illuminated against the inky black darkness of the night sky, they were captivated by the mysterious and beautiful spectacle displayed before them. The award-winning Vancouver composer Jordan Nobles clearly shares this[...] Read more

Recordings Griffin Martell Issue 137