Kurt Newman

Danielle Shlomit Sofer. Sex Sounds: Vectors of Difference in Electronic Music. Danielle Shlomit Sofer’s Sex Sounds sets the reader on the hunt for things missing in most discussions of electronic music: sex, sexuality, libidinal drive. Guided by Sofer, once we start looking for the missing element of sex in electronic music, we begin to see it everywhere.[...] Read more

Books Kurt Newman Issue 144

The Underflow. Instant Opaque Evening. An evocatively named trio, the Underflow brings together three stars of the global experimental music scene, all with long-running ties to the city of Chicago: guitarist David Grubbs, saxophone virtuoso Mats Gustafsson, and cornetist Rob Mazurek. One senses the presence of the undertow in[...] Read more

Recordings Kurt Newman Issue 139

Naoto Kawate. Three Guitar Tunes. The faintest hints of the 1960s hit parade radiate off these three beautiful instrumental pieces for electric guitar by the Japanese composer Naoto Kawate. We are reminded, at arm’s length, of the optimistic twang of the Ventures or the crisp strummed chords of the Archies. But there[...] Read more

Recordings Kurt Newman Issue 139