Spring 2020

issue # 136

Sound notes

music, interrupted


A barrage of media releases announcing the cancellation or postponement of concerts and festivals—in my hometown of Toronto, in music hubs across Canada and beyond—began hitting my [...]

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Backxwash—The Healing Music of Productive Rage

If you want to win over rapper and producer Backxwash (Ashanti Mutinta), start a conversation with her by talking about the outlier sounds of American rapper–producers Missy Elliot and [...]

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Alex Buck’s Screaming Trees

First-place winner, Musicworks 2019 Electronic Music Composition Contest

Convergence is often the magical force in the creative process that leads to an ear-catching work. Two or more seemingly disparate elements meet in the imagination of an artist who unites them [...]

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What's Inside Musicworks 136?


The Spring 2020 issue is a one-stop, one-of-a-kind sonic journey. Most of the stories were assigned, written, and edited before the lockdown, due to the global COVID-19 health crisis, took hold.[...]

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Anthony Pateras: Sonic Phenomena in Real Time

The music of Anthony Pateras covers vast expanses of composition and improvisation, of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and combinations of these. He is also a virtuosic pianist. Between[...]

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