Fall 2018

issue # 131

Sound notes

Bug Incision: Calgary’s Cross-Pollination Buzz

The world of free improvisation is like a parallel universe, a global underground community of nonidiomatic soundmakers, recording with each other in every imaginable permutation, connected [...]

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Wow & Flutter make breathing room

The phrase “wow and flutter” typically refers to flawed analog recordings—ones with imperfections that cause the pitch to oscillate, either slowly or quickly. When Toronto- [...]

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Muxubo Mohamed Dares to Represent

hearing every rhythm

Compromise? What is compromising? Compromising for what? Compromising for what reason? . . . What is compromise? —Eartha Kitt   That emphatic excerpt [...]

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What's Inside Musicworks 131 - Fall 2018


Musicworks 131 is the second issue of our 40th anniversary year, featuring artists who are active in interarts, DIY culture, collaborative composing, and more! Buy the print issue (or[...]

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Jean-Sebastien Audet’s Songs of Ephemera

Jean-Sebastien Audet and I drink coffee in a café on Toronto’s Queen Street West, as we try to pin down his elusive music. The man who has kindly given us his larger table is now[...]

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Peggy Lee and the Joy of Unknowable Notes

Her cello in a white case strapped to her small back, Peggy Lee had walked several unfamiliar blocks in her hometown Vancouver, since the bus dropped her at the edge of a genteel oceanside[...]

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Visions of sound

wnoondwaamin | we hear them


Inspired by the idea that sound travels and has purpose beyond the human ear, wnoondwaamin | we hear them is about the materiality of sound, the social implications of the transmission and [...]

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