Spring 2013

issue # 115

Sound notes

The Ratchet Orchestra

As hard to define as they are to ignore

In 1961, a virtually unknown African-American band was stranded in Montreal before going on to more promising territory. During their months in Montreal they would build up a local following, [...]

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Bennett Jenisch

Winner of the 2012 Musicworks electronic music contest

In addition to having recently won the Musicworks Electronic Music Contest with his first ever acousmatic piece, Buried Gesture, Bennett Jenisch also writes and performs with his live [...]

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The Ring Road, Iceland

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   It’s not often in a lifetime that you get to circumnavigate an entire country. And it’s not often that you come across an [...]

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Glenn Buhr

His next big thing

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   Definitions of personal style don’t get any clearer with life experience. This becomes obvious during my interview [...]

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Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier

Object-based electronic music

“La chambre des machines is a project where two electronic musicians are driven by the desire to be involved, as physically as they can be, in a performance context,” explains Nicolas Bernier[...]

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Erdem Helvacioglu

Turkish lyricism meets guitar electronica

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   When you’re caught up in the thick of it, all those cute, clichéd little epithets about turning life’s lemons into lemonade,[...]

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Akio Suzuki


This article was originally published in Spring 2013.


The applause following the introduction of Akio Suzuki at his first Toronto performance since 1984[...]

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Visions of sound


An interactive sonic experience

At first glance, Resonate appears to be a static, glowing, string structure in a dark, drone-filled room. But enter the space and pluck any of the glowing strings and dynamic pools of light [...]

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Daniela Cascella. En Abîme: Listening, Reading, Writing (An archival fiction).

Zero Books

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The Venice Biennale 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music.

Venice, Italy. October 6–13, 2012.

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Bedroom Community

Icelandic label features electronic minimalism and small-ensemble classicism

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Scott Walker. Bish Bosch.


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Various Artists. REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed).

Orange Mountain Music, OMM0082.

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Maciunas Ensemble. The Archives Part 1, 1968–1980.

Apollo Records acd 091220-091230.

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Lina Allemano Four. Live at the Tranzac.

Lumo Records.

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Kyle Brenders Quartet. Offset.

18th Note Records 18-2012-2.

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Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin. Instrumental Tourist.

Software Studio Series.

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Le Grand Grouped Régional d’Improvisation Libérée & Evan Parker. Vivaces.

Tour de Bras TDB9006cd.

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Peter Van Huffel’s Gorilla Mask. Howl!

Between the Lines BTLCHR71232.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

Constellation Records CST-81.

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Buke and Gase. Function Falls EP.

Brassland HWY-033.

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Peter Brötzmann. Solo + Trio Roma.

Victo cd 122–123.

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Anthony Braxton and Buell Neidlinger. 2 By 2.

k2b2 Records K2B2 4169

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Pierre Bastien. Entomology, Dyane Donck–Daisy Bell, Proverbs of Hell. Machinefabriek, 15/15.

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Colin Stetson and Mats Gustafsson. Stones

Rune Grammofon

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