Originally from Kingston, Ontario, saxophonist Peter van Huffel has been creating a growing body of work in New York and Berlin, much of it integrating improvised music, expanded jazz harmonies, and sometimes chamber music dynamics, like the subtle HuffLiGNoN with the Belgian singer Sophie Tassignon. His new group Gorilla Mask—Roland Fidezius, acoustic bass and noise, and Rudi Fischerlehner drums and percussion—marks a significant departure, moving toward a visceral expressionism. The models may be John Zorn or Tim Berne (their joint Spy vs. Spy project comes to mind) or certain groups led by Peter Brötzmann (the ones involving guitarist Sonny Sharrock or bassist Bill Laswell), but van Huffel has moved into an area where the specifics of originality and invention take a back seat to the authenticity of one’s commitment. That commitment is evident in every instant of the CD, in the nonstop fury of most tracks, the sustained insistent tempos and polyrhythms, and the martial squawk of Van Huffel’s alto, the trio fusing into a singular and complex machine that connects every note to every other note, and that can stop in a nanosecond.