Summer 2010

issue # 107

Sound notes

Analia Llugdar

Interior travels

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   In her music, Montreal composer Analia Llugdar delves deeply into the primal interior of sound, as evidenced by a sampling of her work [...]

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Knoxville, Tennessee

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   As with any American city, the dominant feature of the Knoxville soundscape is the almighty car. With an extension of the interstate [...]

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Darsha Hewitt

Electronics cowgirl, irreverent scientist, explorer

Following the work of Darsha Hewitt is like feeling your way through the inside of an electronic circuit. It is tactile, visceral. Her trial-and-error approach comes from a truly experimental [...]

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Richard Marsella

A cabaret of contradictions

“Good evening and welcome to the Friendly Rich Show. My name is Friendly Rich. Thank you. And I’ll be your loyal host this evening. Behind me, my mystery-meat orchestra, the Lollipop[...]

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New Age Music—The Second Wave


I’m lying on the living-room floor. I’ve been like this for two hours, on my back, in the dark, headphones on. The record on the turntable is literally locked in its groove and[...]

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Richard Windeyer

Immerses the audience

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY     Sitting behind his drum kit and laptop, Richard Windeyer manages the energy of the dance floor, while his colleague Sabrina[...]

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Visions of sound

The Combine Project

Recombinant sound art gives new voice to obsoleteness

The Combine Project (2004-09) is a series of kinetic sound sculptures constructed from an abandoned 1964 Allis-Chalmers All-Crop combine harvester. I discovered it ten years ago on a property [...]

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Cathy Lane, ed. Playing With Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice.

Cornerhouse Publications.

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Tim Lawrence. Hold On To Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973–1992.

Duke University Press.

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Stuart Broomer. Time and Anthony Braxton.

The Mercury Press.

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Big Ears Festival. Knoxville, Tennessee. March 26–28, 2010.

Something for everyone.

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Sonic Acts XIII. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. February 25–28, 2010.

Spacing out on the Amstel.

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Densités Festival. Fresnes-en-Woëvre, France. October 23-25, 2009.

Top-flight improv and electronics in a tiny Flanders town.

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Decibel Festival. Seattle, Washington. September 24–27, 2009.

Genre-themed diversity.

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Debashis Sinha. Anudrutam.


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Brian Ruryk. Cycle of Fords.

Bennifer Editions.

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ROVA Saxophone Quartet & Nels Cline Singers. The Celestial Septet.

New World Records 80708.

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Yannis Kyriakides. ANTICHAMBER.

unsounds 21u.

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Grutronic. Essex Foam Party.

psi 09.07

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FURT. Sense.

PSI Records 09.08.

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Lori Freedman. Bridge.

Collection QB: CQB 0909.

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The Element Choir. At Rosedale United.

Barnyard Records BRO314.

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Kyle Brenders. WAYS.

Porter Records PRCD-4042.

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Burkhard Beins. Structural Drift.

BB 1

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