In her music, Montreal composer Analia Llugdar delves deeply into the primal interior of sound, as evidenced by a sampling of her work from 2003 to 2009. There are compositions for solo cello, small (trio) and large ensembles, often incorporating singing and speaking voices, as well as a music theatre piece inspired by the charismatic French theatre innovator Antonin Artaud.
This impression is confirmed in the Montreal première of her creation La Machi (2010) and by her comments at a recent conference dedicated to le théâtre instrumental. “I am longing for the core of the sound. My exploration is a search for new and surprising timbral possibilities. I need to visualize it.” Evident in her theoretical articulation, as well as in the results of her musical creations, these impulses imbue her work with a dramatic and decidedly contemporary character.
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Image by: Mario Mary