Spring 2014

issue # 118

Sound notes

Quatuor Bozzini

inspires recipes for radical art

Quatuor Bozzini is poetry, sweat, talent, idealism, determination, love, survival, fate, and a wonderful wild dance with the spirits. For fifteen years, the Montreal ensemble has steadfastly [...]

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Margaret Noble's Safer Is Better

First-place winner of the Musicworks 2013 Electronic Music Composition Contest

  With an underground club DJ’s flair for performance and a conceptual artist’s commitment to the rigorous investigation of ideas, San Diego interdisciplinary artist [...]

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The Blessed Riders of Streetcars in Vienna

First-place winner of Musicworks’ 2013 Sonic Geography Writing Contest

Streetcars in Vienna are blessedly quiet. The machines—brand new, high-tech plastic platforms—announce themselves on approach with only a slight electric hum. I now react to their [...]

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Music from the New Wilderness

Songs in the key of geography

What can sound tell us about a place? Listen to British Columbia, and it might sound something like Music from the New Wilderness, a multimedia performance work that conjures B.C.’s past [...]

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Healing Power Records Hits Toronto With a Sonic Balm

The last place you’d expect to hear a comprehensive showcase of a modern experimental music community is on a dance mix. But with Heart of Toronto, a 2013 CD and download compilation, [...]

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John Preus' Slow Sound

Ballads from a Bedpost

On a brisk fall afternoon in October, about two dozen people hunkered down in the intimate main room of Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio. They watched some of the city’s more [...]

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Tanya Tagaq Grabs The World By The Throat

Watching Tanya Tagaq perform is more than just an auditory and visual experience: it’s physical. As the Nunavut-born, Manitoba-based throat singer moves around a stage, she[...]

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Victor Gama builds a brave new soundworld

Wherever Victor Gama plays, you can be sure clusters of people will be jostling to percuss the upturned metal bowls of his tipaw (so called because the surface of the instrument[...]

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Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain


Jump into an early version of Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain, and you land in dark and turbulent, almost infernal terrain. Sounds are dense and blur into one another[...]

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Mark Molnar’s alternative trajectories

(excerpt from "Outside the Chamber: Sean McCann, Mark Molnar and Jonathan Pfeffer Play by their Own Rules"

Harrowingly unbridled and unpredictable, yet blatantly meticulous in their construction, Mark Molnar’s compositions frequently emerge as rugged tangles of bowed-string sonorities. Even though[...]

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