Spring 2012

issue # 112

Sound notes

Jocelyn Morlock

Composes moments of magic from ordinary material

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY   Jocelyn Morlock had purple hair for years. “It was indigo, in fact.” She narrows it down further: “Like an eggplant. [...]

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Ian Battenfield Headley

First-place winner in Musicworks’ first annual electronic music contest

“Working with John Chowning at MusicAcoustica in Beijing was like touching history,” confesses a reverent Ian Battenfield Headley during our Skype call. “I had this image of [...]

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Havana, Cuba

Score for chaos and order on a fragile island

What does a city sound like whose history spans periods of colonial opulence, Mafia casino decadence, and a dying communist revolution? The habanera, the salsa, and reggaeton. Havana’s [...]

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Nicole Lizée

Writes a John Cage rave

I asked Nicole Lizée, newly commissioned to compose a work to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of John Cage’s birth, if she has ever before composed with that iconic artist in [...]

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Philip Glass

Remounts Einstein on the Beach

Most people get presents or have parties thrown for them on special occasions. Philip Glass, however, was in more of a giving mood as he celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday at the end of January[...]

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Thomas, Farah, and D’Eon

I’m sitting with Thom Gill and we’re talking about his most recent EP Such Is Your Triumph, arguably his most intimate and personal set of recordings to date. In addition to his[...]

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Olivia Block

Electroacoustic improv with aural artifacts

FULL-TEXT AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY     The sound of a clarinet passage emerges from a quiet section and is punctuated by a series of minute electronic tones.[...]

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Visions of sound

Binatone Galaxy

Obsolescence as audio art

Binatone Galaxy is an installation for used cassette players that looks on their obsolescence not as an ending, but as an opportunity to reconsider their functional potential. Superseded by [...]

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Six Heads. Cardboard Oracle.


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Brandon LaBelle and Cládia Martinho, Editors. Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear, Vol. 2.

Errant Bodies Press.

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Drip Audio.

Records the strong chops and creative spirit of Vancouver's improv scene.

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Internationales Minimal Music Festival, Third Edition. Kassel, Germany. October 6–9, 2011.

A recent addition to Kassel’s rich culture.

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CLAEM Festival: un gol de media cancha [a midfield goal]. Buenos Aires, Argentina. June 17–24, 2011.

An homage to Ginastera’s vision.

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Chris Watson and Marcus Davidson. Cross-Pollination.

Touch Tone 43.

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Chris Watson. El tren fantasma.

Touch # TO:42.

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Nick Storring. Rife.

Entr’acte E121.

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Aki Onda. Diary and First Thought Best Thought.

Unframed UFCCS1 and Cassauna sauna010.

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NINA. Place Where the Trees Stand in the Water.

Simple Geometry SG006.

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Nightjars. The Natural Playmate.


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Les Rhinocéros. Les Rhinocéros.

Tzadik TZA-CD-7801.

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Maki Ishii. Maki Ishii Live.

Innova 809.

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Joe Hertenstein/Thomas Heberer/Joachim Badenhorst/Pascal Niggenkemper. Polylemma.

Red Toucan RT 9342.

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Erdem Helvacioğlu and Şirin Pancaroğlu. Resonating Universes.

Sargasso SCD28064.

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