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Sarah Hennies. Gather & Release. The phenomenological aspect of sound has long been the foremost concern of percussionist and composer Sarah Hennies’ work. While her music often exploits the way we hear, it never comes off as some mere exercise.   Gather & Release bends her fascination with the[...] Read more

Recordings Nick Storring Issue 125

Open Waters Festival. Since 1990 the Upstream Music Association has been a crucial part of Halifax’s vibrant music community—both as presenter and as ensemble. For nineteen years, veteran improviser Paul Cram, a longtime Upstream affiliate, was artistic director. Lukas Pearse, an industrious and[...] Read more

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Quatuor Bozzini. Aldo Clementi: Momento. The press release for Quatuor Bozzini’s new Aldo Clementi portrait disc alludes, in the form of a quote from the composer, to a peculiar sort of metamusical morbidity that was allegedly integral to his thinking. While his eldritch outlook is documented elsewhere as well, what is[...] Read more

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Jonathan Adjemian and Mike Smith. Transcombobulation. Even though it’s likely that analogue synthesizers are even more popular now than in their supposed heyday, it’s still difficult not to associate their sound with another era. Fortunately, the Toronto synth duo of Mike Smith and Jonathan Adjemian don’t let that get in the[...] Read more

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Thanos Chrysakis. Above The Hidden Track An Endless Blaze. Electronic musician (and, elsewhere, pianist) Thanos Chrysakis’ newest release is dominated by dense continuous textures that throng the sonic field. It’s an undeniably intense listening experience, with less breath and fewer blatant contrasts than some of his other solo work.[...] Read more

Recordings Nick Storring Issue 124

Jerusalem In My Heart. If He Dies, If If If If If If.         Jerusalem In My Heart’s second album bristles with all the forward momentum that was lurking just below the surface of its debut release. Noted producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh is in charge of the sonic aspect of the Montreal-based[...] Read more

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Manticore. Universal Time / Nebulous Pink Cloud. On its second EP, Toronto duo Manticore continues its exploration of song on the cusp of improvisation and utterances verging on language.   The duo’s rather commonplace instrumentation (you guessed it: guitar and voice) may offer a certain familiarity, but its[...] Read more

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JOYFULTALK. Muuixx. Muuixx recalls that fecund period during the 1990s when some notable electronic music was celebrated for its eccentric intrepid quality. But JOYFULTALK, the latest project of Nova Scotia resident Jay Crocker, isn’t nostalgic; rather, it leans toward creating something indelible. What[...] Read more

Recordings Nick Storring Issue 123

Susan Alcorn. Soledad. Astor Piazzolla’s eccentricity as a composer is overshadowed by his reputation as one of the foremost exponents of tango music. The ostensible genre designation tends to mask his poignant and peculiar mixture of forlorn sentimentalism, tense dissonances, and covert use of noise. Susan[...] Read more

Recordings Nick Storring Issue 122

André Cormier. Zwischen Den Wolken.   It’s often tempting to interpret the presence of abundant silence in music as a gesture of aggressive austerity. Yet André Cormier’s solo piano work Zwischen den Wolken—performed by Markus Kreul on a new recording released on Redshift—makes it very[...] Read more

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Cluttertones. Ordinary Joy. If the word clutter evokes the notion of a copious mess, its use in the moniker of Toronto-based Rob Clutton’s quartet The Cluttertones—Lina Allemano (trumpet), Clutton (bass), Tim Posgate (banjo and guitar) and Ryan Driver (synthesizer, piano, voice)—suggests more of a[...] Read more

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Matana Roberts. Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee. The third instalment of Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin presents an utterly overwhelming listening experience—a densely netted mass of images, information, and deeply visceral sensations, so profusely intelligible that it becomes opaque with stimuli.   Where the[...] Read more

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