Fall 2014

issue # 120

Sound notes

Composer Wolf Edwards loads the chamber

Wolf Edwards’ various stories are so interesting and so curiously entwined that it’s hard to know where to start. Working in the fish-packing plants of Ucluelet, B.C., the ugly- [...]

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Lido Pimienta curates a sonic community


Colombia-born, Toronto-based Lido Pimienta has been called “the consummate collaborator”—and with good reason. Although she writes, sings, produces, and plays many [...]

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Emilie LeBel’s Field Notes


For many composers, a work in progress comes with strings attached—no pun intended. There are arts councils and concert presenters to satisfy, musicians to liaise with, premiere dates [...]

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Divorce Records

The Art Of Putting The Pieces Together

“It depends on what you call the beginning, I guess,” says Darcy Spidle when probed about the origins of his experimental music label, Divorce Records. “The first thing I did [...]

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The Evolution of The Muted Note

The Muted Note is a marriage of music, dance, and poetry—specifically, the poetry of the late Canadian writer P. K. Page. Her work was the unexpected catalyst for the first creative[...]

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Kris Davis nurtures new shapes in jazz

Kris Davis is working on setting a routine. It’s not an unusual task. It’s one that new mothers all over Brooklyn who work odd hours have to contend with. But it’s a challenge. She’s up at[...]

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Video Game Music: New Directions in Play

Masaya Matsuura, Shaw-Han Liem, Robin Arnott, and David Kanaga lead the next wave in sonic interaction




The first time I played PaRappa the Rapper was a struggle. I was with my parents at a novelty deli where each table was outfitted with a[...]

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Visions of sound

Myriam Bleau spins Soft Revolvers

In a darkened room, an artist is manipulating four translucent circular objects on a tabletop, moving from one to another. Audience members gather around. The objects emit light. Their [...]

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Bob Gilmore. Claude Vivier: A Composer’s Life.

University of Rochester Press. ISBN: 978158046857

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Ian William Craig. A Turn Of Breath.

Recital, R8.

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Sarah Peebles. Delicate Paths.

Unsounds, 42U.

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Jaap Blonk

Polyphtong (Kontrans 460), Songs of Little Sleep (Kontrans 660), Traces of Speech, (Kontrans 760).

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30th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville.

Victoriaville, Quebec. May 15–18, 2014.

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