Spring 2015

issue # 121

Sound notes

The Passion and Curiosity of Barbara Hannigan

“An absolute stroke of luck for opera” is just one of the countless accolades Canadian-born, Amsterdam-based soprano Barbara Hannigan has received for her performances of both [...]

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James O’Callaghan’s Bodies-Soundings

First-place winner, Musicworks’ 2014 Electronic Music Composition contest

James O’Callaghan’s Bodies-Soundings, winner of Musicworks’ 2014 Electronic Music Composition contest, is a highly suspenseful acousmatic piece in which sounds are partially [...]

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Shannon McKee's "The Copy Room"

First-place winner, Musicworks’ 2014 “Sonic Geography” Writing contest

As I step into the undersized side room of the middle-school office, I want to remove my high heels. I want to kneel on the thin, brown carpet and touch my forehead to the ugly floor. I want [...]

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Myk Freedman Makes Room for an Ensemble of One

(This article was originally published in Spring 2015.)   Myk Freedman is best known as the lap-steel-wielding leader of the nonet St. Dirt Elementary School, whose [...]

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Jean Derome’s Reflections of Joy


Over the past four decades, Jean Derome’s musical interests have spanned everything from standards to skronk. He has composed graphic scores for large ensembles, created[...]

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The Mystical Instruments of Walter Smetak

In March 2014, I found myself facing the late Walter Smetak’s Pindorama, a seven-foot-two-inch-tall instrument installation comprising seven calabash gourds arranged in a diamond-like[...]

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Vancouver's Intercultural Music Scene


Intercultural music-making in British Columbia is nothing new. Gold seekers brought the violin to the province’s north in the 1890s, and their jigs and reels were quickly adapted by the region’s[...]

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Cris Derksen enhances her sonic adventure


Some musicians fall in love with an instrument at a very young age and never look back; others experiment with many different ones before they find the ideal match for their talents.[...]

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