Montreal composer and sound artist James O’Callaghan’s Bodies-Soundings has won first place in Musicworks’ 2014 Electronic Music Composition contest.
“I’m very grateful for Bodies-Soundings to have this recognition!,” O’Callaghan says. “Composition is usually a very insular, introspective process for me, and so once a work is released into the wild it’s a pleasure to see it have an impact in the community. Thank you!” O’Callaghan is profiled in the Spring 2015 print issue (#121), available now through subscription and on Canadian newsstands. Bodies-Soundings is included on CD #121.
“Shannon McKee’s “The Copy Room” won first place in the 2014 “Sonic Geography” Writing Contest, and is published in the Spring 2015 issue.
“While praying at work one day, I had the realization that I simply wanted to be a writer, and I was done calling this dream invalid,” McKee says. “I walked out of my job, checked my email and, in disbelief, read my congratulatory letter. I was amazed, and bursting with gratitude.”
Musicworks congratulates the 2014 Electronic Music Composition Contest winners:
Third Prize: MARIO BASTIAN for Morphogenetic Systems - System04.
Musicworks congratulates the 2014 “Sonic Geography” Writing Contest winners:
Third Prize: JEN MACDONALD for “Mourning Radio.”
The fourth edition of the annual contest drew an impressive array of entries from North America and beyond. Musicworks thanks 2014 jury participants Mary Dickie, Emilie LeBel, Margaret Noble, and Andrew Patterson.