Experimental vocalist Sarah Albu and composer and sound-artist Vergil Sharkya' have come together to create a radiant sonic force. The duo’s first release, the eight-track digital-only issue Intoxidation, is full of the type of unabashed raucousness that involuntarily elicits a perk of ears shortly followed by several nods of acceptance. Highly imaginative track titles like Mâchoire de sirène (mermaid jaw), Rogue Archaeon, and …merely a vehicle for the sauce suggest the creative eclecticism heard throughout.

Glitchy fragments are often abruptly interjected with a post-Björkian lyricism that keeps the listener in a constant state of “what’s next?” That is not to say the music unfolds with an unwanted randomness. Quite the contrary: each track masterfully combines luscious electronic wizardry and impressive vocal prowess, resulting in an auditory brilliance that is decidedly original.

The duo creates an environment where voice and electronics blend remarkably well, yet one can’t help but notice the staggering range of vocal alchemy on display. Whether uttering crackly snippets, soaring above enchanting electromania, or incanting otherworldly idiosyncrasies, Albu brings to the work dramatically varying layers that are daringly inventive. The result, when combined with Sharkya’s kaleidoscopic panoramas, is bold and impeccable. One hopes to hear much more from this duo.