Randy Raine-Reusch

Coat Cooke & Rainer Wiens. High Wire. The pairing of Coat Cooke and Rainer Wiens in High Wire, results in a performance of dualities. Complexity versus simplicity, density versus scarcity are all at play here. Wiens creates complex sound environments on eclectic guitars and thumb pianos while Cooke soars overhead with clear, clean[...] Read more

Recordings Randy Raine-Reusch Issue 114

Coat Cooke & Joe Poole. Conversations. Vancouver saxophonist Coat Cooke has always been in full control of his horn and is capable of great heights of creativity. He leads the NOW Orchestra and is extremely active in many parts of the Canadian music community. But few projects have given him, as this one does, the freedom to express[...] Read more

Recordings Randy Raine-Reusch Issue 114

Vancouver New Music Festival. Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, B.C. October 21–23 The Vancouver New Music Festival, under the artistic direction of Giorgio Magnanensi, is known for inviting performers from the breadth of the contemporary art world, featuring emerging artists alongside international celebrities, the whole lot unapologetically challenging the audience with[...] Read more

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