Sonic Mosaics is a collection of interviews conducted by Paul Steenhuisen with thirty-two contemporary music composers between September 2001 and November 2004. Most of these were originally published in Wholenote Magazine, a monthly Toronto publication covering all aspects of musical activity within the Greater Toronto Area.
James Harley: I’m willing to argue that all music is algorithmic.
John Oswald: It’s easy to say you like Beethoven, a bit harder to say you like Tchaikovsky.
Barbara Croall: Intuition is an immediacy of transferring your feelings into the outcome, whereas theory is thinking through all those stages and figuring out a method.
Udo Kasemets: The beauty and the beast, they are always living together – this is what life is about, and we cannot put it into clear compartments.
Linda Catlin Smith: Christian Wolff said that in the end, everything is melody. I’ve become more melodic, and part of the reason for that is pleasure.