Stepping into this black cube is like entering an intergalactic observation deck. Enveloped by mechanical whirs, buzzes and clicks, a parade of heavenly bodies is presented for inspection. This particular set is kaleidoscopic in colour, malleable in shape, kinetic in nature, frenetic in texture, as if the Painters Eleven had created their own solar system. Somewhere, alien voices whisper their own interpretations. The ear strains, until the eye is drawn back to explore the next colour-saturated asteroid. Now the vessel is rumbling with a purring bass. We must be thrusting forward to a new star field . . .
Elastic Planets is the latest work of Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh, who have worked together as the intermedia-art operation Instant Places since 1997. Their practice focuses on the creation and use of custom software instruments to make generative installations and live performances that offer idiosyncratic responses to site-specific conditions. In this case, the pair responded to the dimensions, twelve-speaker array, and high-definition video offered by New Adventures in Sound Art’s gallery space in Toronto.
(Read more about Elastic Planets in the print edition of Musicworks Issue #117.)

Image: Collage generated during live performance of Elastic Planets at NXNE 2013. Image by: Instant Places.