It is not always easy to translate music composed for a theatrical setting back to a purely sonic form. Incidental music often relies on a different type of physicality, both in the movement of bodies through space and in the placement of speakers to facilitate the sound itself becoming a dramatic participant. Sur Fond Blanc, originally composed for the Montreal dance troupe O Vertigo, suffers none of these problems. It stands alone as a composition, losing none of its drama in its transformation to the home-listening environment.
This is particularly due to the beautiful placement of voices, both whispered and spoken, that provide a dramatic presence and that amplify the chimes and glitch-tones of the musical elements. This and other organic patterns, most notably the sound of feet and doors, grounds the shimmering electronic pulses and organ tones that slowly unfold across the sound field. This is a beautiful series of suspended sonic moments that one can imagine as a crown for a vivid performance or that one can enjoy purely for its own dramatic character.