John Wall has been one of the most aggressive of sonic plunderers, shattering recorded electroacoustic improvisations and putting them back as mutated humpty-dumptys in intricate and lively collages. His series of CDs on his own imprint Utterpsalm are essential documents of this meticulous studio style.
Since 2006, he has taken up improvisation—remarkable for someone with his attention to detail—and has also pursued a working relationship with the poet Alex Rodgers. The music on this CD represents an edited compilation of their five years of working together. Wall’s music serves as both interstices and background for Rodger’s performances of his terse, dark poetry, whose performances are occasionally processed but more often stand on their own. Wall’s compositions sling sharp high frequencies and granulated digital noise around Rodger’s poetry, creating a perfect amplification of the dark mood of Rodger’s voice. As sonic structures collapse and reform into misanthropic texts, it is a deeply affecting listen.