Every musician in the world produces invisible waves when making music—such is the nature of sound. Relatively few musicians, however, are concerned with those waves once they are absorbed and processed by the auditory system of the listener. Kristen Roos is an artist who exploits the power of invisible radio waves and ultra-low sound waves to create much richer listening experiences. What intrigues him is the ability of these waves to add and subtract layers of perception to an observer’s experience of his or her surroundings.
Roos’ sound art revolves around repurposing and reinventing objects to suggest alternate realities. “I’ve always had a unique perspective on the world, and I’m able to articulate it a lot better through my work with sound,” he says. “When you start to understand what objects are made of, you can start taking them apart and reconstructing things. I’m trying to create alternatives to prepackaged reality.”
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Image by: Femke Vandelft