I suspect that Giuseppe Ielasi named his three-vinyl EP project Stunt as a nod to those who know him better as an improvisational guitarist. My expectations of some intense minimal guitar compositions were overturned at first hearing as I found myself listening to an album full of needle-drops. (Another) Stunt—the second album in this project—is, in fact, an experimental turntablism record, documenting Ielasi’s explorations of looped beats culled from a collection of vinyl records. The sampled beats and fragments are layered into a nice selection of six electronic dub pieces. Ielasi chooses some beautiful samples with which to work (on a couple of tracks, he still focuses on the possibilities of the guitar) and creates a series of pieces that, while not quite danceable, develop an internal pulse that open up the original source material into a skittering series of interlocking rhythms.