John Cage: A Dip in the Lake
Ten Quick Steps, Sixty-One Waltzes and Fifty-Six Marches for Toronto and Vicinity
The score for “A Dip in the Lake” by world-renowned composer John Cage consists of a list of 427 locations that are determined by random processes,  and which can be transcribed for particular cities by assembling new lists of local addresses. Record makers or performers wishing to undertake a realization of the piece are instructed to attend at these locations and make audio recordings of what they encounter.
The recordings used in this performance were made in the City of Toronto between 2003 and 2010 by William Blakeney, Gayle Young, George Boski, Tony Malone, Terry O’Brien, and Graham Mino. The recordings were then spliced in consultation with the Princeton Multimedia I Ching, resulting in tape loops of random and varied lengths and effects.
This rare CD invites listeners to be immersed in the dynamic soundscape that is Canada’s most populous metropolitan area: a collage of bird chatter, traffic, synthetic sounds, and the wonderful babble of different languages, dialects and music.