Gen Ken Montgomery. Drilling Holes in The Wall. Gen Ken Montgomery. Balls (3" CD-R) Drilling Holes in the Wall and Balls are the first releases of sound artist Ken Montgomery's work since Pondfloorsample. The sounds on Drilling derive mostly from modified toy synthesizers, hooked to a variety of electronic devices such as a film projector or a lamination machine. With[...] Read more

Recordings René van Peer Issue 105

Annette Krebs and Rhodri Davies. Kravis Rhonn Project. Max Eastley and Rhodri Davies. Dark Architecture. British improviser Rhodri Davies has created a singular niche for himself in improvised music. A master of the harp, he has expanded its sonic palette with a host of extended techniques: amplifying it, preparing it in ways common to the piano and guitar; and plucking, striking, and bowing it[...] Read more

Recordings Stuart Broomer Issue 105

Halliwell and Patterson. Terrain. Field recording, granulated by using amplified devices, meets processed feedback and other advanced reed techniques on this notable British session. Altering his initial sources so that they’re divorced from their origin, Lee Patterson creates a voice equal to that of Graham Halliwell[...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 105

Darbazi. Vakhtanguri. This CD is a wonderful document of Darbazi, one of Toronto’s many distinctive choirs. Darbazi has been focusing on the traditional polyphonic vocal music from the country of Georgia for the last fifteen years, developing their knowledge through travels and exchanges. Vakhatanguri presents[...] Read more

Recordings Chris Kennedy Issue 105

John Butcher. Resonant Spaces. Accepting the challenge of solo improvising in selected parts of northern Scotland and the Orkney Islands, British saxophonist John Butcher evolves specific strategies that transform these sites into resonating showplaces. The result is as spectacular as it is unique.  [...] Read more

Recordings Ken Waxman Issue 105